МПО: Macedonian Patriotic Organization, 90th Annual Convention

Explore Macedonian food traditions with talk show host Stephanie Georgieff. A granddaughter of Macedonian bakers and MPO founders Dr. Stephanie Georgieff grew up in a family rich in traditional Macedonian food traditions.
She shares her joy of Macedonian food, trends and its impact on the world at the 90th annual convention Grand Banquet on Sunday Sept 4th.
Frequently traveling to Macedonia and around the world, Stephanie has studied the herbal and culinary traditions of many cultures including those of India, Russia, China, Peru and Germany.
Stephanie uses her expertise in the culinary arts to inspire her patients to live healthy delicious lives.
Last spring in Macedonia she documented the evolvement of the slow food movement into a major force for economic development.
You will not want to miss this dynamic speaker and her power point presentation of the farms and kitchens of Macedonia and their impact on their local communities.