ТhinkTheEarth: Terra Madre = A new world movement, which began with Mother Earth

In October 2010, an international event called “Terra Madre”, organized by Slow Food International, was held in Lingotto (the former home of the Fiat factory), in the city of Torino, Italy. Terra Madre is Italian for “Mother Earth,” and 6,400 people gathered from all around the world. There were food producers (farmers, dairy farmers, fishermen), chefs, researchers, students, and even musicians took part in the event. Not only does this event contribute to creating a global network of producers, it also serves as an exciting platform that transcends the boundaries of food and provides opportunities to go back to the roots and think about “a new movement to shift the paradigms of the world.”

Since its inauguration in 2004, Terra Madre has been held once every 2 years, so this year was the 4th event. It was held adjacent to the food fair, “Salone del Gusto,” for 5 days, from October 21st to the 25th.

The opening ceremony venue, the Palasport Olimpico Isozaki prepared to welcome approximately 7,000 participants was designed by Arata Isozaki for the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games. The opening ceremony began with the powerful dance performance, which felt like the heartbeat of the Earth, by Acud Mirce Acev, a Macedonian ethnic dance group. Then flags from 160 countries around the world entered the arena by continent to the music performed by the youth orchestra and chorus. It really was like the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. The energy of the youthful music that kicked off the ceremony symbolizes what great expectations Terra Madre is bequeathing to the future generations. It was a truly magnificent performance that touched everyone taking part, regardless of his or her cultural background or language.

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