Macedonia observes Terra Madre Day celebrating local food

Macedonia Terra Madre Day

Let us celebrate local food prepared with respect towards the environment, tradition, biological diversity and taste – this is the motto of this year’s Terra Madre Day, being observed in 160 countries, including Macedonia.

Terra Madre Day is a campaign promoting the diversity of local food worldwide and its traditional production. At the same time, it is an opportunity to pinpoint the creativity and knowledge toward building a better future for food and to promote sustainable production and consumption to the communities with an emphasis on local decision­-makers.

“The objective is to create an alternative model of production and consumption in accordance with Slow Food’s philosophy on good, clean and fair food – good for our appetite, clean for the people, animals and the environment and fair for manufacturers and consumers,” Slow Food Macedonia says.

This year, Terra Madre Day will be used to highlight local foods at risk of disappearing.

“All those who share our philosophy, starting with the Slow Food convivums, communities, chefs, academics, youth, presidiums, journalists, local authorities, representatives of other organizations in many countries round the world are celebrating Terra Madre Day. Various activities are being organized in cities, rural areas, schools, movie theatres, farms, restaurants…” Slow Food Macedonia says.

According to Slow Food’s principles, ‘good, clean and fair food’ is handed out on Terra Madre Day, held since 2009, in an effort the people to feel pleasure from eating this kind of food. Trips to carefully picked farms, cultural events in relation to food are being organized.

To mark Terra Madre Day, in Macedonia films about food will be screened and educational lectures in schools will take place regarding the sustainability of biodiversity.

Launched in 2004 by the international organization Slow Food, Terra Madre is a network comprised of food communities from 160 countries sharing the vision of traditional production.

Објавено на: 10/12/2014