Slow Food is an international, non-profit organization with members and supporters scattered throughout the world, who believe that enjoying good and healthy food goes hand in hand with our sense of duty maintaining the well-being of our environment and community.

Regarded as the proper alternative to fast food, Slow Food and its members commit to the principal task of protecting traditional and local cuisine from cultural extinction. Slow food is dedicated to teach, motivate, and inspire us to take up plant, seed, and livestock agriculture that are characteristic for the local ecosystem, as well as learning about food production whose technology is based on the local population’s knowledge and resources. Our main goals of growing and producing sustainable food and promoting small and aspiring businesses are realized through the agenda of anti-globalization of agriculture and gastronomy.

Founded by Carlo Petrini in 1986 in Italy, as a protesting little group of people, Slow Food today is an international movement with over 100,000 members from 160 contries in 1500 different local organizations (conviviums, ‘con vivere’ = which means ‘to live together’), in which members meet up daily and with great care and respect spread the pleasure and joy of the local cuisine and agriculture.

The structure of the Slow Food organization is decentralized, every convivium has a leader who is responsible for the promotion of Slow Food’s philosophy through showcasing and supporting local artisans, farmers, gastronomers, and cooks, through local and international events such as: workshops, degustation and cooking events, food fairs, markets, and organized food bazaars.

The seat of Slow Food is in Bra, a small town in the Piedmont, Northern Italy. Today, the organzation is preparing multiple international events that will hopefully materialize this year (2020).

Slow Food Macedonia is national organization of Slow Food in Republic of Macedonia



ul.Kliment Ohridski 33/35

7000 Bitola, Republic of Macedonia

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