Places as quality gastronomic destination

Have you asked yourself while visiting another place: what are the real local dishes? Is the tomato in season? Is the production of the food served in the restaurant you visit done in a responsible way? Does the place belong to international franchising or is it a local business?

We are offering a new model for tourism, inviting the visitor to connect with the destination in a broader sustainable mindset. The idea is to start understanding the local life through the gastronomy culture and avoid the obviousness of the touristic facade.

Our places offers local areas the chance to develop their potential as a quality gastronomic destination; they follow the Slow Food philosophy while constructing alliances and experiences that add value to the best of local gastronomic heritage.

They promotes regional cooking and has contributed to the revival of eating places that particularly reflect local flavor and character: restaurants, taverns, agrotourism and small wineries — all of which serve foods known for their quality, value and faithfulness to tradition.
Hospitality will be offered directly by the producers or by hoteliers and chefs who use local “good, clean and fair” ingredients in their kitchens.

Mrizi i Zanave Agroturizëm
Guesthouse Sali Gostivisht Përmet

North Macedonia:
Kutmichevica, Vevchani
Hotel Skardus, Popova Sapka
Villa&Winery Mal Sveti Kliment, Ohrid